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Eco Lighting,
Designed to make a Statment 


An exciting new range of decorative lighting, inspired by the natural world and all the different wonders we see within it. We strive to create new and interesting designs which can spark a thought, feelings and even emotions. Wooden lamps and pendants, designed and develop in Notting Hill, London.


Artisional lighting designs uniquely crafted, with a modern contemporary style reflective of today's need for change.  We design in a way which allows for each shape and angle created to be just as magical as the one before. using light and manipulating shadow to make a statement. It's interactive, multi-positional lighting, inviting the user to experiment with the product by discovering more and more of it’s potential with every twist and turn. 


Using extremely versatile forms to explore the different possibilities of shape, allowing for the option of both lamp and pendant. We offer a range of size’s starting from as small as 15cm in height, to as large as 80cm. Each lamp and pendant is finished to the highest quality.

Creating Eco-friendly lighting,

allowing the consumer to make the choice.

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Check out our new range of lighting products, Designed to make a statement 

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Check out our new range of lighting products, Designed to make a statement 

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